Thursday, March 26, 2015

Delle's NICU Journey -- Week 8

Day 50:
7 Weeks!
Delle is 5lbs 1.5oz and 17.5" long.
She is up to 42ml every feeding.
And she had a great nursing session today, 21 minutes!

Day 51:
5lbs 2oz!
She's up to 44ml of milk every 3 hours.
And she took her biggest bottle yet, 31ml!

Day 52:
Delle is 5lbs 3oz.
She took her first full bottle! Yay!
She's starting to wake up for more feeds too.

Day 53:
5lbs 4oz and up to 45ml every three hours.
She took a 35ml bottle and nursed for 15 minutes today.
She's getting 20% of her daily feeds by mouth. She needs to be getting 100% to come home!

Day 54:
She is 5lbs 5oz today!
She's still working on her feedings. She'll nurse for 10-15 minutes and then 
falls asleep. But she is starting to take about 1 full bottle a day!

Day 55:
35 Weeks gestational!
5lbs 7oz and up to 47ml a feeding!
Her oxygen levels are getting better with her feedings. She still has to be 
turned up a little (usually to about 25%), but she isn't having as many episodes. 
And she is still on .5 liters at 21% for the rest of the time.


Day 56:
5lbs 7.5oz!
Her bum rash is acting up again, hopefully her bath will help with that.
She was so content in the bath today, she loved it!
She's still doing about 15 minute nursing sessions once or twice a day, but she's taking more full bottles.
She's up to 30% of her feeds by mouth!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Delle's NICU Journey -- Week 7

Day 43:
6 Weeks!
Delle is 4lbs 6.9oz and 17" long.
We tried using a nipple shield today and she latched great! 

Day 44:
4lbs 8oz!
She's getting 38ml of milk every 3 hours.
And she nursed for 13 minutes today! She got credit for 17ml.

Day 45:
4lbs 9oz!
She had an eye exam today and the doctor said her eyes are in the clear!
She'll have a repeat exam in 2 weeks.
Sean gave Delle her first bath tonight and she enjoyed most of it!
And despite the stress of the eye exam, she was able to nurse for a little bit.

Day 46:
Delle is 4lbs 11oz and up to 39ml every feeding.
And she nursed for 10 minutes today!

Day 47:
She's up 25 grams, still 4lbs 11oz.
The doctor took her off of her caffeine dose because she is doing so well breathing on her own! She 
is still on .5 liters of oxygen, but she's mostly at 21% (room air). She just has mild episodes during her feeds.

Day 48:
34 Weeks!
She's up to 4lbs 14oz.
She's getting 40ml of milk every 3 hours.
She's been pretty sleepy the past two days, so we haven't made any further progress with breast feeding.
And she got to cuddle with grandma today!

Day 49:
5 LBS!!
She is HUGE! I keep saying she looks like a "real" baby
now. She just isn't so tiny and fragile looking anymore.
She took her first bottle today. Only 8ml, but it's a start!
And she got to cuddle with another grandma.