Monday, March 2, 2015

Delle's NICU Journey -- Week 5

Day 29:
Delle is up to 3lbs 3.9oz!
And she is down to 1.5 liters of oxygen.

Day 30:
Delle is 3lbs 5oz and up to 28ml of milk every 3 hours.
She is now off of the high flow and on a regular nose cannula at 1 liter.
And her bed temperature is down to 30 degrees Celsius. She has to maintain a body temperature of 
37 degrees Celsius for them to be able to turn the bed temperature down half a degree. 
Once she gets down to a bed temp of 29, they will start dressing her. And when she can maintain 
her body temperature while the bed temp is at 28 (room temperature), she gets to be moved into an open crib!

Day 31:
Today Delle had her first eye exam. With the amount of oxygen that preemies get, it can 
cause damage to the retina as it's developing and could cause blindness. They have to dilate her eyes
 and then clamp them open and shine a light in for the test. They give her Sweeties (sugar syrup) to help with the pain,
 but it is still very stressful for her and sad for me! We did skin to skin right after and she calmed down really
 quick. Her test results were great this time. Her retina is at a level 2 and needs to get to a level 3, and the 
vessels looked good. She will continue to have eye exams every Wednesday until her eyes are fully developed.
Delle is up to 3lbs 6oz and 29ml a feeding. 
They had to raise her bed temp back up to 31.5 because she was getting cold.
And she is at 1 liter of oxygen at 21%! (21% is basically room air.)

Day 32:
Delle is 3lbs 8oz today.
Her bed temp is down to 29 degrees Celsius and she was put in clothes for her first time! 
She has also graduated to a bigger pacifier (the regular green Avent Soothie).
And she latched! She was so wide awake and rooting around so we jumped on the chance of trying non-nutritional
 nursing (I pump before so she doesn't get a heavy flow of milk. Since she's so small still, she isn't ready for that. 
And they also want to make sure it's a positive experience for her so she won't hate it before she's got it down). 
She didn't latch long, but a few seconds a few times is great progress for her! 32 weeks is when they usually
 start introducing nursing, so she's a little bit a head of the game.

Day 33:
She is 3lbs 8.8oz today.
They moved her into a new room, and she's been able to maintain her body temperature so they have the top off of her isolette! She'll move into an open crib after a few days of being able to regulate her temperature.
She was too sleepy today to try latching, which is very normal for her age. 

Day 34:
32 Weeks!
Delle is up to 3lbs 10oz and 31ml of milk every 3 hours.
We're still working on latching, she did really well today though. She latched a few times for a few 
seconds and was able to suck a little bit too. She's making great progress! The doctor ordered one nutritional 
nursing session a day, so we'll keep trying. 

Day 35:
Delle gained 2oz yesterday and is up to 3lbs 12oz. It's great that she is still gaining so much now that
 she is out of her little incubator and burning more calories to keep her warm.
They are planning to move her into a crib this afternoon.
And she was a little sleepy today when we tried nursing, but she was awake for about 
15 minutes and did the best that she has done so far.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Delle's NICU Journey -- Week 4

Day 22:
Delle is up to 2lbs 13oz and is 15" long.
She is getting 24ml of milk every 3 hours.
Her high flow is still at 2.5LPM.
And her diaper rash is looking so much better!


Day 23:
Delle gained 50grams and is at 2lbs 15oz!
She is being weaned down to 2.0LPM of oxygen.

Day 24:
Delle hit 3lbs today! She is still SO tiny, but 3lbs seems huge!
She is up to 25ml of milk every 3 hours.
And she is doing really well at 2.0LPM on the high flow.

Day 25:
The nurse didn't chart Delle's weight last night, so we don't have a weight for today.
There aren't any other changes for her either, which is great!
Hyde and I both had little fevers today, so I wasn't able to hold her. But Sean was able to go up and see her for a bit.

Day 26:
Delle is 3lbs 2oz.
Her latest newborn screening came back normal, so she is now off of her Vitamin C dose. (I'm not sure what it was even for, something that was abnormal in her previous newborn screening.) She'll have another screening at 36 weeks.
Everything is looking great with her and she just needs to keep growing!

Day 27:
No weight gain, but no loss either.
Her corrected gestational age is 31 weeks today! (Crazy I should still be pregnant now and would have many 
more weeks to go.)
She is being weaned off of the humidity in her incubator. They start moving babies to open cribs around 32 weeks/1500 grams (Delle is 1420 grams right now).

Day 28:
Delle is up in weight, just under 3lbs 3oz.
She's up to 27ml of fortified breast milk every 3 hours.
Sean held her for the first time today. Delle loved it! She was so content and had her eyes wide open for so long, it was the sweetest thing! She didn't have any dips in her oxygen or heart rate while she was laying on him.
And they are starting to wean down the air temperature control in her incubator! (As soon as she can regulate her own temperature, she'll be in the open crib.)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Delle's NICU Journey -- Week 3

Day 15:
Delle lost 10 grams, still at 2lbs 8oz.
Her little umbilical cord fell off today!
They've upped her to two doses of caffeine a day and have added a multivitamin (to make up for the nutrients she isn't getting not being in the womb).
She's still on 2.5LPM at 28%.

Day 16:
She's up 20 grams, putting her just under 2lbs 9oz.
Her feedings are up to 22ml every 3 hours and she's tolerating them very well!
They raised her high flow up to 3.0 LPM at 25%, she's been much happier there.
Her little bum rash is acting up again, so they've got her on a new paste.
And her bed was expired, so they switched it out today for a fresh one.

Day 17:
Delle gained an ounce! She's at 2lbs 10oz.
She still has a bum rash that's being treated.
And she's had way less residual after her feedings.

Day 18:
Delle has gained another ounce! She's up to 2lbs 11oz.
She's also up to 23ml of breast milk every 3 hours.
Today, when the nurse put her on me for skin to skin, it was like Delle was rooting. The nurse put her pacifier in and she was so content and wide awake just sucking away!

She always has her hand up by/on her face.

Day 19:
Delle still weighs 2lbs 11oz.
She's still content at 3.0 LPM on the high flow.
No other changes and that's a good thing!

Day 20:
Valentine's Day! // 30 Weeks!
I woke up feeling sick, so I wasn't able to go see or hold Delle. I didn't want to even risk getting her sick! But Sean was able to go up to see her and take her fresh milk.
She gained 10 grams, still putting her at 2lbs 11oz.
Her diaper rash is still hanging around, so they've been letting her air out, as well as putting paste on it still.

Her feet are so tiny!

Day 21:
Delle is up to 2lbs 12oz!
And she is back down to 2.5 LPM on the high flow!
Dad did her cares and she was so content during skin to skin.